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Stephane Weis (guitars & vocals), Ben Scott (drums), 

Adrien Touraine (bass & vocals) and Patrice Bui (guitars & vocals).

Luxemburg, England, France.


Four friends who decided to form The Silly Toys. At first Stephane considered making 

electro music but couldn't figure out how to use computers properly, so they went back-to-basics to the traditional instruments they played : “electric guitars, bass, drums and valve amps”. 

Singer-songwriter Stephane, drummer Ben, bass player Adrien and guitarist Patrice want to share

their passion for pop-rock music by performing concerts across the world.

Their style? A mixture of 60's and 90's style pop and old-fashioned rock

with modern indie music influences.


The Silly Toys. A deliberately provocative name for a band which travels beyond borders, thrives on the recklessness of love and childhood, and seizes every opportunity to go wild.  Their 8 track self-titled debut album that includes the singles Strangers and Feelings, was released on December 4th 2020.

It was mixed by Steve Prestage (Echo & the Bunnymen, Japan, Peter Gabriel...).

Stephane Weis was raised in Luxembourg before settling in London where he spent 10 years playing music, a period when he had the opportunity to play The Marquee Club and the Phoenix Festival. Back in France, Stephane joined various bands, securing opening slots with artists such as Indochine, Nada Surf and Joseph Arthur. After playing in the Parisian metro and at various open mic sessions, he decided to start his own band with his two friends.


Ben Scott has been surrounded by music since his early childhood through his dad Terry Scott Jr who was born in Southampton and his grandad Terry Scott from Liverpool, both rock singers. Ben was offered his first guitar when he was 12 but he soon fell for the drums. At the age of 17, he started playing in various bands and decided to make a living as a drummer. He spent two years in LA where he performed in clubs across California and the neighbouring States, and worked in various recording studios.


Adrien Touraine also comes from a family of musicians. His grand-mother was a piano and church organ player and his parents played classical music. As a teenager he first played blues, rock then jazz. For the past ten years, Adrien has been playing pop music. He's played with many artists, including 

Joseph Leon’s and Peter von Peohl.

Patrice Bui has been playing the guitar on the Parisian pop scene for quite a while.  He and Stephane met years ago when their respective bands shared a stage in Paris at the Nouveau Casino venue.  As Stephane said:  "I had always wanted to form a band with Patrice.  It took a bit longer than initially expected (more than 10 years) but now the timing is right".    

The Silly Toys will be announcing concerts dates for 2022 and 2023.  

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